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Glenarm Winter Berries Room diffuser

Glenarm Winter Berries Room diffuser


New to Causeway Aromatics, we would like to Introduce Glenarm Winter Berries inspired by the Winter garden at Glenarm Castle Estate.  This invigorating scent with its notes of spruce and fir, are reminiscent of a walking through the castles winter garden evoking it's serene and elegant atmosphere. 


 To add a touch of warmth, we've woven in the delicate aroma of winter berries, creating a perfect balance that transports you to cosiness.  


With its luxurious mulberry colour theme this is the perfect addition to your seasonal, winter decor. 


Available for a limited time.  The perfect Christmas gift...

Out of Stock

Long-lasting fragrance for continuous enjoyment

Premium quality locally sourced oils for a rich and authentic scent

Beautiful clear diffuser bottle that complements any decor

Vegan friendly


Lasts 6 months approx

Fiber reeds

 Recycled packaging


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