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Bushmills Peat Diffuser refill 150 ml

Bushmills Peat Diffuser refill 150 ml


Refill your reed diffuser bottles with ease and convenience. 


When opting for a Diffuser Refill, you reduce packaging waste and the need for single-use bottles. Save money while actively contributing to a greener future.


Bushmills Peat our signature Autumn fragrance with hints of Smoked Cedar Wood & Earthy notes.


Made to order and delivered in a clear glass bottle with aluminium screw top lid. 


Hand made and loved by us overlooking the Causeway Coast & Glens of Antrim. 


Comes with replacement fibre reeds  150ml



Place reed diffusers into the bottle allowing 48 hours for the fragrance to absorb into the fibre.  Turn sticks every few days.   Enjoy. 

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