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Why Are Soy Wax Candles Better?

As time passes, I can see that soy candles are more in demand due to people realising the benefits. Yes, soy candles are more expensive than paraffin, but here is why!

To start off, soy wax has multiple benefits to it, but the best benefit that people are drawn to is that Soy wax is better for the environment. Candles made with soy wax burn longer and cleaner. They also have a lower melting point than paraffin wax which makes them safer to use.

Soy wax is 100% natural wax from vegetable soybeans which makes the products biodegradable and has no VOC emissions. Most importantly, it’s a renewable resource free of animal fats and sweatshop-made or genetically modified ingredients.

Why are soy wax candles better? They release a soft natural fragrance and clean air. They offer a soothing scent that fills your home with a pleasant, warm aroma – they also provide excellent task lighting or act as an ambience enhancer in your bedroom or bathroom.

Also, a soy candle provides all the same flame resistance, fire protection and durability as petroleum-based materials while creating little to no pollution. Also, it has been used for many years in candles, floor waxes and polishes, soaps, cosmetics, face creams and even skincare products.

The benefits of soy wax:

· Non-toxic

· Cleaner and safer for our health

· Has a longer burn time

· Clean burning and smokeless

· Has better scent throw

· Low ash content

After hearing all the amazing benefits of using soy wax, this is why we use it at Causeway Aromatics. Causeway Aromatics aims to boast about the Causeway Coast and Glens to the world, create fragrances that remind people of their favourite memories, and boost the local economy through job creation and using local businesses for our raw materials. For more information about us, you can check out our page - and if you would like a sneak peek of our products, check out -

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